In United Kingdom, we love to be seen, which includes outdoor lighting that illuminates the house, all year long, through the evening. We can use outdoor lighting fixtures to display our home’s architect or to enjoy our backyard. We can think of our homes as extensions of their interiors. Here are some reasons why outdoor lighting is important and why outdoor light maintenance is equally important.

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As a result, once the lights go out, we begin asking questions and looking for solutions to get our home’s outdoor area back to life again. The question is, why do outdoor lights stop working? There could be several reasons for your outdoor lighting to not be working, here we offer 6 typical causes:

1. Breaker Box for outdoor lighting

Check the outdoor light transformer and see if it is flipped OFF. Flip it back to ON and try the lights. In case that doesn’t get them back on, check the breaker box and see if any breakers have flipped OFF. If any are off, flip them to ON and see if your outdoor lights turn back on. If not, take the next step.

2. Electrical Short

Check the wiring to your outdoor lighting for broken, cut, frayed, or unconnected wires. Check the light sockets that are bad, corroded, damaged, or wet. This should be a routine outdoor light maintenance routine to check the bulbs, sockets, and wires and replace them as needed. If you find anything questionable or you can’t find any problem, call your professional landscape lighting specialist.

3. Timer Not Working

If the landscape lighting timer has quit working, press the reset button on the transformer. If that doesn’t get your outdoor lights back on, you may need to replace the timer or the transformer. This may be an area you’re not comfortable with, call your professional landscape lighting professional.

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4. Some Lights Aren’t Working

In case there are just some of the outdoor landscape lights not working, try these steps:

· Incandescent bulbs – verify the wire filament inside the bulb for breaks.

· Proper Fit to Socket – make sure the bulb is in the socket firmly.

· Cable connector – check that the pins went through the insulation and connected to the copper strand.

5. Outdoor Lights Won’t Turn On

When total outdoor landscape lighting system won’t turn on at all, Follow below steps:

· Inspect the power outlet to make sure it has power.

· Don’t forget to check that the transformer is ON.

· Ensure circuit breakers is ON. If it flips back to OFF, call your outdoor lighting specialist.

· Make sure the wires at the transformer are tight and secure in the terminal lugs.

· Don’t miss the transformer amperage & voltage are getting power, if not, replace the unit.

· Check the RCD and press the reset button.

6. Outdoor Lights Are Dull

Check all the light bulbs are in their sockets firmly. You may need a professional landscape lighting specialist to increase the voltage of your outdoor lighting system. This is a step that should be a part of your regular outdoor light maintenance routine.

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How often must the exterior light fixtures be cleaned?

Outdoor lighting specialists recommend outdoor light maintenance to be performed twice a year. Once in the spring and again in the fall. This will keep the bugs, dirt, mildew, and dust off so that your outdoor lighting is as bright as always.

How do I get these beautiful outdoor lights installed?

TechHawk is doing all kind of outdoor light installation including wall lights and garden lights at very affordable price. Do not hesitate to contact Techhawk if you have any further question regarding outdoor lighting installation. We have a number of varieties for garden and outdoor lights.

Note: DIY electrical is always dangerous and you should only do it when you have at least some basic knowledge of electricity. If you are unsure of anything related to outdoor lighting, hire your local electrician and do not take risk of electric shock.


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